Smart tech gives a new spin on the classic wheelchair

The idea of putting furniture on wheels has been around for hundreds of years. From a custom-built chair with four small wheels used by King Phillip II of Spain in the 16th century to a German paraplegic watchmaker’s wheelchair with a geared front wheel and hand cranks unveiled in 1665, the innovation never stops.   … Read more

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The rise and fall of monoculture farming

By growing just one crop species in a field at a time, monocultures enable farmers to use machinery, increasing the efficiency of activities like planting and harvesting. But despite supplying the lion’s share of the world’s food, monocultures are amongst the most controversial features of today’s agriculture.   Raising a single crop has drawbacks as … Read more

Q&A: On Nobel Prize-quality discoveries, scientific breakthroughs and unicorns

As the world’s newest Nobel Prize laureates gather for Nobel Week, EU Commissioner Mariya Gabriel speaks about the incredible advancements made by scientists and the EU’s commitment to creating more tech unicorns.    Scientific discovery is celebrated worldwide with prizes and awards. The Nobel Prize is the ultimate accolade – the most prestigious scientific award … Read more

Is Europe entering a golden age of astronomy?

Groundbreaking discoveries about gravitational waves, black holes, cosmic rays, neutrinos and other areas of cutting-edge astronomy may soon become more frequent due to the convergence of two major communities of astronomers in a fresh project.   Previously, Europe had two major collaborative networks for ground-based astronomy running over the past couple of decades, known as … Read more

Vision tech developments give a glimpse of the future

Advances in assistive technology have removed many access barriers for people with vision loss. But it’s the development of visual prosthesis that has the potential to offer a whole new way of ‘seeing’ the world. The incredibly complex structure of the human eye – with more than two million interacting parts – makes restoring someone’s … Read more