Mother nature to the rescue

If we thought we could build our way out of the climate and biodiversity crisis with more advanced human technology, the Covid-19 pandemic taught us that we are far more vulnerable to the powers of nature than we previously dared to admit, and that working with instead of against nature is the only way forward. … Read more

73 solutions to the climate and biodiversity crisis

Research and innovation projects are turning green challenges into opportunities to spur Europe’s recovery from the coronavirus crisis.   Wildfire preparedness and resilience, large-scale restoration of freshwater ecosystems, the world’s biggest electrolyser for producing green hydrogen, community-based sustainable airports and healthy food for schools – this is just the tip of the iceberg of what … Read more

Smaller than a grain of sand, phytoplankton are key to aquatic health

Scientists are inching closer to revealing the elusive mechanisms that tiny marine species activate to transform organic contaminants in water into less toxic chemicals.   Cup sea water in your hands and you will be holding a bustling world of single-cell organisms – thousands of them. Much like creatures of an undersea metropolis, microscopic photosynthetic … Read more

Scientists improving the ‘crystal ball’ for better climate predictions

Climate models are used to predict how the climate will likely respond to rising greenhouse gas concentrations in the coming decades, a timescale crucial to meeting the terms of the Paris Agreement. That’s why it’s necessary to keep developing and refining such models to better support climate policies.   What will Earth be like in … Read more