Breeders of new fish hope to tickle taste buds of salmon, cod and tuna lovers

Fish farming can make food supplies more stable while itself becoming more sustainable, according to researchers in Hungary and Norway. By Pieter Devuyst Attention seafood lovers! Gabor Hetyey strongly recommends a new dish: fried catfish. Hetyey is no restaurant chef in his native Hungary. Rather, he belongs to a Budapest-based organisation that helped breed a … Read more

Adolescent angst gains attention with focus on school stress

While teen years are never easy, research is examining whether they are harder than ever for the current generation of teenagers. By  ALI JONES Media headlines lamenting spiralling levels of anxiety, depression, self-harm and suicide among Europe’s teenagers make regular and uncomfortable reading. In recent years, news on this front seems to have gotten only worse. … Read more

Tracking malaria and mosquitoes with the help of pregnant women and city dwellers

Expectant mothers and app-equipped city residents have roles to play in the fight against mosquito-borne diseases that kill hundreds of thousands of people annually. By  TOM CASSAUWERS Arnau Pujol Vallribera is a Spanish data whiz who used to study galaxies. Now he tracks diseases spread by mosquitoes. ‘In cosmology, we use algorithms to better understand the … Read more