‘The aim is to find the monoclonal’: the hunt for the antibody to treat Covid-19

If researchers could find the most effective antibody against coronavirus, it could act as both a cure and temporary vaccine. Image credit - NIH Image Gallery, Public Domain Mark 1.0

by Ian Le Guillou Transfusing antibodies from Covid-19 survivors into seriously ill patients could provide a quick treatment win, but a more selective approach may both treat and prevent the disease. A single, highly-effective antibody that is mass-produced like a drug could combine the benefits of antivirals and a vaccine for at-risk individuals such as health … Read more

Q&A: Covid-19 pandemic highlights urgent need to change Europe’s food system

The coronavirus crisis highlights the need to change our food systems, says Prof. Jackson. Image credit - Anna Shvets/Pexels, licenced under CC0

by Alex Whiting Europe urgently needs to make its food system more sustainable – or else face growing food insecurity and health impacts – and the coronavirus pandemic offers us an opportunity to push for change, according to Professor Peter Jackson. Prof. Jackson is co-director of the University of Sheffield’s Institute for Sustainable Food in the UK, … Read more