Getting fit to fight cancer

Survival rates for cancer are improving, but it is still the leading cause of death by disease for those over one year of age in the European Union (EU). Could exercise hold one of the keys to combatting cancer?  And if so, how much physical activity is needed to show real benefits in both children … Read more

On course for healthier, more sustainable soil

If we want to transition to a greener, healthier and more climate resilient Europe, it is important to ensure our soils are in good condition. However, the quality of soils is worsening because of unsustainable management practices, depletion of resources, climate change and pollution. Soil hosts a quarter of our planet’s biodiversity and is home … Read more

Cutting-edge European technology for cleaner mobility in cities

European Mobility Week, the European Commission’s flagship awareness raising campaign on sustainable urban mobility, kicked off 16 September. Reducing air pollution from vehicles has been an important focus of the campaign since its launch 20 years ago; and despite significant progress, it’s an issue where sustained effort and innovation remain in high demand. A completely … Read more