A green ‘sea change’ as water transport makes its move

All aboard! Europe’s ferry industry has set sail for an emissions-free future. It’s leading the eco-friendly revolution with electric and hydrogen-powered boats that are destined to make urban transport more sustainable.   In just a few months’ time, passengers in Stavanger, Norway, will be able to begin commuting on a revolutionary ferry that doesn’t produce … Read more

The long journey to a rare disease diagnosis

Diverse Team of Medical Scientists Solve Problems and Point at Computer Screens Showing CT, MRI Scans. © Gorodenkoff Rare diseases constitute a major health issue in Europe: an estimated 30 million people live with one, and of these, 50% have not received a diagnosis. The suffering caused by these disorders, both to patients and the … Read more

Observations from space help scientists get one step ahead of the tiny but deadly mosquito

Each year, nearly three-quarters of a million people die from mosquito-borne diseases, and with climate change the problem is getting worse. EU researchers are giving public health officials the tools they need to take targeted action fast.   Some of the deadliest animals have the smallest bites. It is a stark fact  that every year … Read more

Building bridges of innovation between Europe and Africa

Engineers might disagree. However, not all bridges are built with steel, concrete and asphalt. Some are made entirely of cooperation and coordination. This is the type of bridge connecting Europe’s closest neighbour, the African continent.   Covering everything from smart health and fintech services to food tech, ed tech and sustainable energy, EU and African … Read more

Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan and EU Mission on Cancer add real momentum to tackle the entire disease pathway

The implementation of Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan and the EU Mission on Cancer will go far beyond research and innovation to develop new solutions and improve the lives of Europeans, says Joanna Drake, Deputy Director-General, DG Research and Innovation (RTD).   More Europeans are surviving cancer than ever before, and those affected by the disease … Read more

Beach bots, sea ‘raptors’ and marine toolsets mobilised to get rid of marine litter

Often quickly disposed of but lasting in the environment for tens to hundreds of years, plastic litter pollutes our seas worldwide, creating a serious threat to wildlife and contributing to climate change as they break down.   ‘It’s the scale of it – it’s a global problem. You can guarantee that any beach you walk … Read more