Ancient chickens, cows and pigs may hold secrets to modern animal diseases

Sequencing DNA offers hope of explaining changes to farm animals and helping combat their present-day maladies. By  ANTHONY KING The dubious winners of the agricultural revolution, by sheer numbers, are obvious. Living in the world today are 30 billion chickens, 1 billion cows and almost 800 million pigs. While the dawn of agriculture was 8 000 … Read more

Elephants that once threatened Rome could help save their descendants

Ivory from an ancient shipwreck off Spain is providing data that might aid conservation of modern elephant populations. By  MICHAEL ALLEN More than 2 500 years ago a Phoenician ship, most likely a trader bringing luxury goods from the eastern Mediterranean and North Africa, ran into trouble off the coast near Cartagena, Spain. The vessel hit the … Read more

European steel industry seeks green credentials to match its economic, political weight

A building block of modern society and a sizeable contributor to climate change, steel is prompting a hunt for cutting-edge technologies to decarbonise the sector. By Tom Cassauwers On an industrial test site near the north-eastern French city of Metz, a machine the size of a small two-storey house is producing iron plates. With this … Read more

Unlocking the secrets to Mars

Simulating the Red Planet’s geology and hydrology reveals how the landscape has changed, helping the search for landing sites for future missions. By Michael Allen Humans have been fascinated by Mars probably since the first of the species turned their gaze to the night sky. Space exploration today attests to that continuing fascination. Since the … Read more