Fighting extreme weather with extreme computing power

Artificial intelligence, which can already generate texts and mimic human speech, might also help the world prepare for the worsening effects of climate change. By  Tom Cassauwers In late October, climate change suddenly felt very real in northern Italy. A severe storm brought heavy rainfall to the region, causing Lake Como and the Seveso River … Read more

Researchers take the stage – plus beer orders – as Europe celebrates lab work

A Europe-wide event on Friday, 29 September will open the doors to a world of science shaping the future of society. By  ALI JONES It’s sometimes called the “white-coat” syndrome – when a stressed-out person goes to a doctor and the nervousness causes the patient’s blood pressure to spike. Researchers who enjoy the same authority as … Read more

New robots in Europe can be workers’ best friends

More sophisticated robots are on the way, accelerating a drive to ensure they help workers rather than take their place. By GARETH WILLMER For decades, the arrival of robots in the workplace has been a source of public anxiety over fears that they will replace workers and create unemployment. Now that more sophisticated and humanoid … Read more