The bottom-up Brussels green revolution

A Belgian region’s environmental and social conditions for research funding offer a possible model for the EU. By Anthony King In the EU and Belgian capital Brussels, Barbara Trachte reflects the strengths of a third governmental layer in Europe: its numerous regions. Trachte is secretary of state of the Brussels-Capital Region responsible for the economic … Read more

Bolstering Europe’s democracies from the grassroots

From neighbourhood panels to EU-wide exchanges, European researchers are devising new ways to involve people in decision-making in a bid to counter political polarisation. By  Sofia Sanchez Manzanaro In April 2024, the trial of nine people accused of plotting the violent overthrow of the German government began in Stuttgart. The case suggests what can happen … Read more

Breakthrough or boast? The quest for comparable research results

More international attention is being paid to the importance of common standards for performing scientific experiments and measuring their results – a field called metrology. By  Tom Cassauwers In late 2019, physicist Dr Lorenzo Pattelli was part of an Italian-Chinese scientific team working on a cooling technology that is fast gaining attention as the Earth … Read more

Help wanted: more women to strengthen science in Europe

Greater gender diversity is needed to advance European research, according to a leading Spanish member of the European Parliament. By  Anthony King Dr Lina Gálvez is as certain about science’s ability to improve people’s lives in Europe as she is about the risks of failing to attract enough women into scientific careers. A Spanish member … Read more

Deadly earthquakes trigger hunt for speedier alerts

Researchers in Europe have identified an underground signal that may be a precursor to strong quakes. By Vedrana Simičević Dr Quentin Bletery has some good news regarding an all-too-often gloomy subject: earthquakes. A researcher at the French National Research Institute for Sustainable Development, or IRD, Bletery thinks it might one day be possible to predict … Read more