High stakes: the Arctic test of sustainable development

EU researchers are helping policymakers reconcile competing demands in a region full of natural resources, beauty and tradition. By  Bárbara Pinho Above the Arctic Circle in Finland’s municipality of Inari, the largest and most sparsely populated region of Finnish Lapland, leading sources of income are tourism and the cold-climate testing of cars, tyres and components. The … Read more

Waterfront cities in Europe set sail for climate resilience

A group of European urban areas bordering seas and rivers is paving the way for climate neutrality by 2030. By  Karen McHugh In the medieval Belgian city of Bruges, the urban administration has been seeking a new home and decided to move into an old hospital rather than construct a building. Elsewhere in Bruges, famous … Read more

Pushing out plastic in consumer-goods packaging

Cellulose fibres are emerging as a sustainable option for wrapping everything from foods to electronics. By  Helen Massy-Beresford Attention supermarket shoppers in Belgium, France and Luxembourg: a test to cut waste from plastic packaging of foods is coming to nearby stores. Retailers Carrefour and U-Group plan to sell yoghurts, cheeses, fruit juices, biscuits and other … Read more