Plant-based foods improve health and environment, says top EU scientific advisor

A shift in diets is central to tackling obesity and climate change, according to Eric Lambin, a member of the European Commission’s Group of Chief Scientific Advisors. By  HORIZON STAFF Human health is inextricably linked to food and the environment. The world, including Europe, faces emergencies on all three fronts. The current food system is damaging … Read more

Researchers take the stage – plus beer orders – as Europe celebrates lab work

A Europe-wide event on Friday, 29 September will open the doors to a world of science shaping the future of society. By  ALI JONES It’s sometimes called the “white-coat” syndrome – when a stressed-out person goes to a doctor and the nervousness causes the patient’s blood pressure to spike. Researchers who enjoy the same authority as … Read more

Young cancer survivors in Europe get increased post-cure help

As medical advances in oncology enable more patients to beat tumours, greater attention is being paid to secondary effects from treatment. By  ANTHONY KING Leontien Kremer shifted the entire focus of her work as a young doctor in 1997 after an encounter she had with a cured cancer patient. ‘We had treated a boy of … Read more

Livestock farmers from Sweden to Greece test paths to greener agriculture

Cow, goat and poultry farms are getting help from EU research to cut their environmental footprint and ensure high-quality foods. By  PIETER DEVUYST Livestock farmers in Germany, Italy, Sweden and the UK are trying a new method to produce milk and meat: feeding their cows mainly or only grass. Cattle diets usually include a variety of … Read more

Easing job jitters in the digital revolution

As new technologies reshape workplaces, EU research has come up with new ways to help companies and workers stay in control. By  ANDREW DUNNE Professor Steven Dhondt has a reassurance of sorts for people in the EU worried about losing their jobs to automation: relax. Dhondt, an expert in work and organisational change at the Catholic … Read more