How scientists are ‘looking’ inside asteroids

This article was originally published on 19 April 2021. Asteroids can pose a threat to life on Earth but are also a valuable source of resources to make fuel or water to aid deep space exploration. Devoid of geological and atmospheric processes, these space rocks provide a window onto the evolution of the solar system. … Read more

Is Europe entering a golden age of astronomy?

Groundbreaking discoveries about gravitational waves, black holes, cosmic rays, neutrinos and other areas of cutting-edge astronomy may soon become more frequent due to the convergence of two major communities of astronomers in a fresh project.   Previously, Europe had two major collaborative networks for ground-based astronomy running over the past couple of decades, known as … Read more

Planetary evolution reveals a volatile history

Just as human beings and all other living things exist in a vast number of different forms thanks to their genetic makeup, so different types of planets occur due to the chemical processes at work in the dusty regions surrounding newborn stars.   It appears that nature has a fondness for forming exoplanets – planets … Read more