Sustainable fashion aims to make green the new black

Fast fashion, which encourages clothing to be quickly discarded and replaced, uses significant amounts of natural, social, and creative resources and creates excessive waste. Research into sustainable fashion aims to change this. Employing more than 300 million people and producing 100 billion items every year, the fashion industry has a colossal impact on the environment. Driving this … Read more

Five things you need to know about: the Delta variant

Since its emergence in March 2021, the Delta variant has rapidly become predominant across the European Union. More than 99% of newly reported cases are attributed to this variant, according to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), which estimates the Delta variant to be twice as transmissible as the original strain. Through … Read more

Saying farewell to a throwaway fashion industry

Fast fashion is a lucrative business model offering trendy, mass-produced replica catwalk trends and haute couture designs at bargain prices. While enticing consumers to spend, it has paved the way for a throwaway culture in the clothing industry characterised by overconsumption and single-use purchases. But things are changing thanks to innovations in technology coupled with … Read more