Soil and freshwater come under the spotlight in plastics-pollution fight

Growing awareness of microplastics in the ground and in freshwater highlights the need to tackle an environmental threat generally associated with oceans. By  GARETH WILLMER On a recent stroll to his local supermarket in the southern German town of Bayreuth, Christian Laforsch decided to count how much plastic trash he passed. ‘It was 52 pieces on … Read more

Finnish and French cities chart Europe’s path to clean energy

As Europe strives to become the first climate-neutral continent by 2050, Turku and Dijon are among a group of cities seeking to reach this goal two decades earlier. By  GARETH WILLMER In 2029, Finland’s oldest city, Turku, will celebrate reaching the grand old age of 800. At the same time, it hopes to reach another major … Read more

Olives, the source of “liquid gold,” offer more riches to unlock

By  ALEX WHITING Companies are finding promising ways to use the nutrient-filled residue from olive-oil production. Olive oil is a multibillion-euro global business and Manuel Román is determined to create an even bigger market from the sacred ancient fruit. Román is co-founder of ISANATUR, a Spanish company that has built a refinery able to turn every … Read more

Fishing for answers: new technology onboard can help protect oceans

Digital advances will increase the sustainability of global fisheries and preserve marine ecosystems. By  ALI JONES Off the rugged coastline of Iceland, five fishing vessels are part of a project to test a state-of-the-art machine for capturing information about the catch of the day. A first of its kind, the initiative aims to help meet the … Read more