Silkworms and shrimp may help regenerate damaged skin and bone

EU-funded researchers are exploring new nature-based solutions to stimulate skin and bone repair. By Gareth Willmer In the cities of Trento and Rovereto in northern Italy and Bangkok in Thailand, scientists are busy rearing silkworms in nurseries. They’re hoping that the caterpillars’ silk can regenerate human tissue. For such a delicate medical procedure, only thoroughbreds … Read more

Greener greenhouses promise more energy-efficient growing power

Commercial greenhouses in Europe are testing new energy and water efficiency technologies in support of the green transition. By  Bárbara Pinho In the province of Almería in southeastern Spain, farmers grow an estimated 2.5 to 3.5 million tonnes of fruit and vegetables every year in what has become known as Almeria’s sea of greenhouses. In this … Read more

Satellite oversight: ensuring Europe’s renewable energy security from above

EU-funded researchers are using AI and satellite technologies to make the continent’s renewable energy infrastructure more reliable. By Jack McGovan Solar panels and wind turbines had to be shut down in Greece for a short period in May this year because the national electricity grid wasn’t able to absorb the amount of energy being produced. … Read more

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