Breakthrough or boast? The quest for comparable research results

More international attention is being paid to the importance of common standards for performing scientific experiments and measuring their results – a field called metrology. By  Tom Cassauwers In late 2019, physicist Dr Lorenzo Pattelli was part of an Italian-Chinese scientific team working on a cooling technology that is fast gaining attention as the Earth … Read more

Help wanted: more women to strengthen science in Europe

Greater gender diversity is needed to advance European research, according to a leading Spanish member of the European Parliament. By  Anthony King Dr Lina Gálvez is as certain about science’s ability to improve people’s lives in Europe as she is about the risks of failing to attract enough women into scientific careers. A Spanish member … Read more

The hunt for clues to immune-system disorders

EU researchers are taking fresh approaches to understanding a growing group of illnesses in a bid for more effective treatments. By  Gareth Willmer In mid-2015 and early 2016 in Finland, a group of scientists became interested in inspecting doormats. The pursuit, while seemingly unusual, had a serious aim: to determine whether a higher mix of … Read more

How memories are made – and preserved

Research into how the human brain stores information could lead to treatments for people who struggle with everyday tasks. By Vittoria D’Alessio Professor Jan Buitelaar, an expert in neurodevelopmental illnesses, is intrigued by a possible link between attention deficit hyperactivity disorder – or ADHD – and memory. While genes play a big part in ADHD, Buitelaar … Read more

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