Researchers give voice to disabled persons

‘For too long, the lived experiences and voices of disabled people have not been at the heart of research and policymaking,’ said Eilionóir Flynn, one of Europe’s top researchers in the field of disability rights.   Europeans with disabilities are still at a higher risk of poverty and social exclusion than those without disabilities. For … Read more

Meet nature’s plastic eaters

What to do with the non-biodegradable plastics used in food packaging and agriculture? Researchers are turning their attention to microorganisms, enzymes, earthworms and insects to break down plastics.   Plastics are everywhere, and farms are no exception. Plastic sheets are spread on the ground as a form of mulch to suppress weeds. Plastic is also … Read more

Mother nature to the rescue

If we thought we could build our way out of the climate and biodiversity crisis with more advanced human technology, the Covid-19 pandemic taught us that we are far more vulnerable to the powers of nature than we previously dared to admit, and that working with instead of against nature is the only way forward. … Read more

73 solutions to the climate and biodiversity crisis

Research and innovation projects are turning green challenges into opportunities to spur Europe’s recovery from the coronavirus crisis.   Wildfire preparedness and resilience, large-scale restoration of freshwater ecosystems, the world’s biggest electrolyser for producing green hydrogen, community-based sustainable airports and healthy food for schools – this is just the tip of the iceberg of what … Read more

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