Brain-harming chemicals seen in clearer light with fresh findings

EU researchers have identified new ways that certain substances can interfere with people’s hormone system and brain development. By Gareth Willmer Professor Joëlle Rüegg is breaking new ground in a quest to learn more about how everyday chemicals can impair brain development in people, including infants, by interfering with their hormones. An expert in environmental … Read more

Mail and parcel deliveries in cities go green

A new generation of commercial electric vehicles is emerging to reduce air pollution and congestion in urban areas. By  Karen McHugh At the end of January 2024, keen-eyed residents of the Belgian capital Brussels may have noticed something different about the familiar national postal service: it began delivering some mail in an electric vehicle with … Read more

Researchers and small businesses join forces against hackers

Improved cybersecurity defences for electronic commerce have emerged from EU-funded projects. By  Tom Cassauwers What do a Greek pharmacy, a Spanish multinational bank, a German foundation specialised in the digital economy and a UK university have in common? They all helped develop software tools with EU funding to counter cyber and physical threats to e-commerce … Read more

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Nuptials notice: foods and robots are getting married

Edible electronics are being developed to assist rescue operations and go inside hospital patients, setting the stage for all-consuming tech to become consumable. By  Anthony King Professor Dario Floreano is a Swiss-Italian roboticist and engineer engaged in a bold research venture: the creation of edible robots and digestible electronics. However counterintuitive it may seem, combining … Read more

Plant-powered planes may be no pipe dream

EU researchers are seeking to expand supplies of clean aviation fuels by producing more from agricultural sources. By  Tereza Pultarova Professor David Chiaramonti is looking down at the ground to help resolve a problem up in the sky: aeroplanes’ emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other pollutants. An expert in energy systems and power generation at … Read more

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