Self-driving cars emerge from the sci-fi realm

Automated-driving technologies are advancing steadily with the promise of reducing road accidents. By  TOM CASSAUWERS It’s an ordinary day in the northern German city of Hamburg, where countless cars move along the streets and pedestrians cross at the intersections. Amid all the hustle and bustle, one vehicle advances without the driver’s hands on the steering wheel … Read more

Airports and harbours prepare to slash emissions as the greening of transport accelerates

Ports for planes and ships are gearing up for the era of sustainable fuels and renewable energy. By  MICHAEL ALLAN If the European Union is to meet its net-zero targets and become a climate-neutral economy by 2050, the transport industry needs to decarbonise – and quickly. International aviation and maritime transport could account for almost 40% of greenhouse … Read more

Making face creams from coffee beans as cosmetics get greener

Cosmetics often use unsustainable ingredients, but new research is answering the growing demand for eco-friendly products. By  TOM CASSAUWERS ‘Plant ingredients have always been used in cosmetics,’ said Heiko Rischer, head of plant biotechnology at VTT, a Finnish research centre. ‘But in recent years, there’s been a revived interest in plant-based compounds. Consumers are interested in … Read more

From mussels to meadows, the sea offers big lessons for all life

In the Tuscan Archipelago, the seagrass meadows capture carbon up to 35 times faster than tropical rainforests. The underwater flowering plants have the potential to be an essential tool in the fight against climate change but are vulnerable to disturbance from human activities such as tourism and fishing. Coordinated from Cork, Ireland, the four-year Marine SABRES … Read more

New robots in Europe can be workers’ best friends

More sophisticated robots are on the way, accelerating a drive to ensure they help workers rather than take their place. By GARETH WILLMER For decades, the arrival of robots in the workplace has been a source of public anxiety over fears that they will replace workers and create unemployment. Now that more sophisticated and humanoid … Read more

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