Green aviation takes wing with electric aircraft designs

With the overall rapid growth of air travel, aircraft design is ripe for decarbonisation, but widespread electric flight requires better batteries and lightweight systems. BY GARETH WILLMER As the aviation industry emerges from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, when passenger numbers plummeted, the number of flights is increasing again. The industry is recovering to … Read more

The land use of our fathers – prospering in a healthy environment

Our ancestors dealt with large-scale environmental challenges thousands of years ago. Understanding their traditional practices may inform modern Europeans racing to adapt to climate change today. Heathlands, with their scrubby, woody plants and sandy soil, cover large tracts of Europe. Although the soil is not very nourishing, heathlands are home to unique flora and fauna. … Read more

On track for reduced noise pollution and railway safety amplifiers

With more people getting on track for sustainable high-speed rail, reducing noise pollution and sophisticated traffic management will boost adoption. The whistle coming down the tracks is the sound of Europe’s rail renaissance. Coming round the bend is increased adoption of high-speed rail transportation which promises to reduce road traffic and to curb harmful emissions. … Read more

Mediterranean wineries are in a climate hotspot. Climatologists are helping them adapt

From the possible demise of Merlot grapes in Bordeaux to loss of olive trees in north Africa, the impacts of climate change will be felt by farmers across the Mediterranean region, say climatologists. To help the region’s agricultural producers cope with shifting weather patterns, and make strategic decisions now for the future, scientists are researching … Read more