As microscopic materials proliferate, ensuring they are safe is a priority

Researchers in Europe are working to counter potential risks from nanomaterials used by a range of industries for technological advances. By  Tom Cassauwers While others might dream big, Dr Otmar Schmid dreams small. That’s because he works on nanomaterials, which are so tiny they’re invisible to the naked eye. Demand around the world for nanomaterials … Read more

Virtual-reality tech is fast becoming more real

Touch sensations are improving to help sectors like healthcare and manufacturing, while other advances are being driven by the gaming industry. By  HELEN MASSY-BERESFORD Imagine a single technology that could help a robot perform safety checks at a nuclear plant, cure a person’s arachnophobia and simulate the feeling of a hug from a distant relative. Welcome … Read more

Europe looks to virtual factories in new industrial revolution

EU manufacturers are increasingly embracing digital technologies to improve agility. By  HELEN MASSY-BERESFORD A plant that makes electric shavers in the northern Dutch town of Drachten is gearing up for a test meant to help European industry thrive in increasingly competitive international markets. The plant run by consumer-electronics company Philips is part of a research project … Read more