Disasters at sea trigger ship-safety advances

Research projects in Europe developed water-surface scanners and better hull designs to tackle shipping accidents. By  Tom Cassauwers When one of the world’s largest container ships crashed into the bank of the Suez Canal in 2021, a major gateway for global trade became blocked with an estimated $9.6 billion in daily commerce being held up. … Read more

Mind the gap: travel apps need human help to bridge digital divide

Personal support and user opinions are crucial to ensuring local transport systems become more widely accessible. By  Jessica Berthereau When Inez Rastovac, who works for the Dutch municipality of Tilburg, asked 30 women of migrant background in 2021 about gaps in technologies for using local transport, she wasn’t expecting them to request cycling lessons. ‘At … Read more

The push to turn climate culprit CO2 into a green force

The major greenhouse gas contributing to global warming could become a prime resource for biofuels that can cut car, plane and ship emissions. 18 August 2023 By  TOM CASSAUWERS Laura Martinelli has bittersweet recollections about a clean-fuels project that she managed. It was interrupted by the sudden death of a leading researcher but ended up breaking … Read more

In greening air travel, small parts can make a big difference

Aircraft flaps and emergency power units are part of efforts to reduce the aviation industry’s contribution to global warming. By  TOM CASSAUWERS Each time a plane takes off or lands, flaps on the wings extend or retract to maintain stability and serve as a visual reminder that an aircraft is composed of thousands of complicated parts. … Read more