Europe’s islands are leading the charge in the clean energy transition

Islands face exorbitant electricity costs when importing fossil fuels and are also among the most vulnerable regions to rising sea levels, drought and flooding. Innovative teamwork is putting them on the fast track to 100% energy independence – the green way. Carbon dioxide from power generation must be reduced to reach EU climate targets for … Read more

Destructive insects produce high-value products from biowaste

European researchers and industry are putting insects to work – from termites that destroy wooden buildings to insect larvae that are star ‘poop’ composters. Packaging, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and animal feed are just some of the products they are beetling away to make for us. Insects are fascinating! Their classic circle of life we all learned … Read more

Quenching the world’s thirst with off-grid water desalination

Desalination is the answer to long-term water security, but it’s also expensive and energy-intensive. The good news is that scientists are developing some viable solutions. The first desalination plant in Europe was built in Spain nearly a half century ago. Since then, facilities have sprung up in water-stressed regions throughout Europe. Just a few years … Read more