Innovation in Europe – the secrets to entrepreneurial success and the importance of “patient capital”

As of today, the European Innovation Council (EIC) has a new President of the Board, Dr Michiel Scheffer. With a budget of €10 billion, the EIC aims to identify and scale up new technologies and scientific breakthroughs. In an interview with Horizon magazine, Scheffer looks at the task ahead, where he feels innovation in Europe … Read more

Once unthinkable, the prospect of society driven by wellbeing gains traction

As Europe embraces clean energy to fight climate change, a leading ecological economist argues for going beyond “green growth”. By HORIZON STAFF Almost 16 years ago, the EU held a conference devoted to an idea that was novel – even for many policy wonks – and far-reaching. The notion was to redefine society’s goals by … Read more

A prison opera and digital transformation boost diversity of artistic voices

A special opera performance in Lisbon improves inclusivity for the marginalised while digital literacy will create new artistic opportunities. Four professional Portuguese singers performed the main roles in a new opera based on Homer’s “Odyssey” at a packed concert hall in Portugal’s capital Lisbon in mid-June. Also on the stage that evening were 16 amateur … Read more

Tone as important as truth to counter vaccine fake news

Lack of trust in health authorities, combined with the fear and uncertainty about the disease, created fertile ground for false rumours to spread about Covid-19 vaccines. Countering the rumours may be about attitude as well as facts. False assertions about Covid-19 vaccines have had a deadly impact – they are one reason why some people … Read more

Science a key ally to tackle the multiple challenges we face — Jean-Eric Paquet

Jean-Eric Paquet has been at the helm of the Horizon programme and DG Research and Innovation for the past four years. He will shortly leave to take up the role of the EU’s ambassador to Japan in September 2022. In his final interview with Horizon Magazine as Director General, Paquet reflects on European research and … Read more