‘The aim is to find the monoclonal’: the hunt for the antibody to treat Covid-19

If researchers could find the most effective antibody against coronavirus, it could act as both a cure and temporary vaccine. Image credit - NIH Image Gallery, Public Domain Mark 1.0

by Ian Le Guillou Transfusing antibodies from Covid-19 survivors into seriously ill patients could provide a quick treatment win, but a more selective approach may both treat and prevent the disease. A single, highly-effective antibody that is mass-produced like a drug could combine the benefits of antivirals and a vaccine for at-risk individuals such as health … Read more

Insects could help increase Europe’s food self-sufficiency but will they catch on?

Using insect as a protein source could have big environmental advantages but it has yet to catch on in Europe. Image credit - Jonathan Hornung, licenced under CC BY-SA 2.0

Insects in products such as pasta or bread, microalgae, and single-cell proteins derived from wood could feed and nourish humans and animals in the future. Now, those exploring alternative proteins for more sustainable eating are working out how to make the switch to bug-based food a reality. As the world population grows, it will be … Read more

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