Man bites back at killer dog bites with smart optics

Non-invasive diagnostics such as light scanners and swabs are increasingly used to diagnose illness in people. Now EU-backed scientists are trying to extend the techniques to the treatment of pets. There are an estimated 90 million dogs living as pets in European households. Having a dog in the family can make people more physically active. … Read more

Five key questions to answer about resilient and sustainable food systems

Food systems are highly complex and interconnected. If our grocery stores and kitchens are to have a future with packed shelves, we need to be able to make our food systems sustainable. Horizon magazine reached out to food system experts with five essential questions.   The growing global population, reducing rural poverty, protecting the environment, … Read more

Five fact-checking tips from disinformation experts

To make good decisions, we need to have good information. © Gorodenkoff, Shutterstock Ahead of the International Fact Checking Day on 2 April, we met with the European Digital Media Observatory which is an EU-wide platform to combat disinformation while protecting the core value of freedom of expression.   The modern era of disinformation can … Read more