Changing the conversation about science through citizen communicators

Initiatives to help citizen science projects communicate about their results are paving the way for ordinary people to take the lead as effective and trustworthy science communicators.    While citizen science is blossoming, partly as a result of social media, so too are the channels we use to communicate. In response, we sometimes create a filter … Read more

To know if citizen science is successful, measure it

It’s never been easy to accurately measure the impact of any scientific research, but it’s even harder for citizen science projects, which don’t follow traditional methods. Public involvement places citizen science in a new era of data collection, one that requires a new measurement plan.   As you read this, thousands of ordinary people across … Read more

Five fact-checking tips from disinformation experts

To make good decisions, we need to have good information. © Gorodenkoff, Shutterstock Ahead of the International Fact Checking Day on 2 April, we met with the European Digital Media Observatory which is an EU-wide platform to combat disinformation while protecting the core value of freedom of expression.   The modern era of disinformation can … Read more

Addressing gender inequalities in research through institutional change

Women scientists face many hurdles when it comes to their career progression. © Gorodenkoff, Shutterstock Gender equality and inclusion are key metrics by which performance is measured in industry today. Research is no exception. While there is no quick fix to eliminating gender disparities, the EU has identified the structural changes needed in policies and … Read more