Digital replicas of patients can help them get healthy

Simulations of the human body and advanced data promise more personalised medical treatment for a range of illnesses. By  Jack McGovan In a laboratory in the Italian capital Rome, Marco Evangelos Biancolini and his team are poking patients to gauge the effectiveness of different surgical procedures. But it’s not actual people under a scalpel – it’s … Read more

Brain gain: Europe’s big advances in neuroscience

EU researchers are coming up with new ways to tackle the range of illnesses tied to the human body’s most complex organ. By  Horizon Staff In the southern French city of Marseille, health researchers have developed a way to operate more effectively on epilepsy patients. In Milan in northern Italy, scientists have come up with … Read more

Robots are becoming human helpers on the factory floor

New machines can improve conditions for workers and boost industrial productivity. By  Helen Massy-Beresford On the shopfloor of a Dutch machine manufacturer called Hankamp Gears, workers remove bulky equipment from a pallet, lift the material above their shoulders and painstakingly attach screws to it. Then helping hands suddenly show up to do the heavy lifting, … Read more

The flying, swimming and tunnelling robots inspired by nature

Drawing inspiration from birds, fish and even worms, researchers in Europe are developing machines to explore places on Earth that are difficult for people to reach. By  Gareth Willmer The Ornithopter in the sci-fi blockbuster film Dune resembles a helicopter crossed with a dragonfly. It’s no wonder why. Ever since humankind has imagined flight, pioneering … Read more