Fighting pancreatic cancer with computers and lasers

Faster detection and less invasive surgery offer hopes of advances against a leading fatal disease in Europe. By  Anthony King When Dr John Hermans meets a patient with pancreatic cancer at his hospital, he has to steel himself. Patients with this type of tumour are often diagnosed too late to save them. On average, only … Read more

The school route to healthier eating

Offering nutritious meals to students can improve diets and counter obesity across Europe. By  Ali Jones When the lunch bell rings at the Sancta Maria primary school in the Belgian city of Leuven, standard packed meals aren’t on the menu for dozens of hungry children. Instead, the pupils receive freshly prepared, hot organic vegetarian fare … Read more

Smell trouble: the fight for the powers of the nose

Researchers are seeking to ensure that people retain their ability to detect scents. By  Bárbara Pinho A decade ago, in a field of orange trees in southern Greece, Stéphane Tawil realised that he had lost his sense of smell – completely. Tawil was with friends who were remarking on the perfumed scent of oranges. But … Read more