The push to turn climate culprit CO2 into a green force

The major greenhouse gas contributing to global warming could become a prime resource for biofuels that can cut car, plane and ship emissions. 18 August 2023 By  TOM CASSAUWERS Laura Martinelli has bittersweet recollections about a clean-fuels project that she managed. It was interrupted by the sudden death of a leading researcher but ended up breaking … Read more

Long Covid: the pandemic’s testing aftermath

By tracking Covid-19 patients, doctors in Europe are in search of treatments for a lingering sickness that is both debilitating and puzzling. By  ANTHONY KING Evelina Tacconelli, an Italian infectious diseases specialist, is seeking cures for a coronavirus-induced illness that’s playing havoc with the lives of millions of people in Europe and elsewhere. Though Covid-19 itself … Read more

Europe’s ancient languages shed light on a great migration and weather talk

Painstaking archaeological exploration is a familiar, often widely admired, method of unearthing history. Less celebrated, but also invaluable, is the piecing together of fragments of ancient languages and analysing how they changed over thousands of years. Historical linguists have reconstructed a common ancestral tongue for most of the languages spoken today in Europe and South … Read more

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