Social media stirs worry over people’s wellbeing

While inspiring creativity and fostering online communities, apps like TikTok raise concerns about potential harm to users’ health. By  ANDREW DUNNE Since Jinnet Paola Pedraza (Pao_la_Periodista) first downloaded TikTok in 2019, she has become one of the social media site’s biggest advocates and more popular users. Her short video reels about 2021 mass protests in Colombia … Read more

Improving hearing in an increasingly noisy world

As knowledge increases about how auditory troubles develop, new technological advances are set to cut through the clamour. By  ANTHONY KING Meeting a few friends in a noisy café can mean straining to hear all the conversation. It can be more of a struggle, with age, to make out what a companion is saying in a … Read more

For priceless European art, extra protection costs very little

Inexpensive new materials and sensors will help even small museums prevent irreversible damage to objects. By  ALEX WHITING Overlooking the waters of the Grand Canal in Venice, the former home of American art collector Peggy Guggenheim houses one of Italy’s most important collections of 20th century works. Until recently, many of them were at risk from an … Read more

From Arctic to Alps, icy exploration expands understanding of global warming

Microalgae in sediments signal what happened in the environment thousands of years ago, illuminating the range of future climate-change impacts. By  VEDRANA SIMIČEVIĆ In the freezing Arctic waters of Greenland’s Melville Bay, palaeoclimatologist Sara Harðardóttir and her colleagues faced a moment of suspense aboard their vessel. The scientists deployed a heavy-duty gravity corer – a device … Read more

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