Why raising the alcohol content of Europe’s fuels could reduce carbon emissions

E20 fuel would double the amount of ethanol in petrol and could reduce the EU's emissions from gasoline by 8.2%. Image credit - Piqsels, licenced under CCO

by Richard Gray By 2030, a fifth of the fuel that motorists put into the petrol tanks of their cars could be alcohol, according to research concluding that new petrol and ethanol blends can reduce carbon emissions from Europe’s transport sector with little additional cost to consumers. Labels that carry a single letter followed by a … Read more

Q&A: ‘We need to improve how we keep track of objects in space’

A near-collision between the European science satellite Aeolus and a satellite from the US company SpaceX has shown the need to keep better track of objects in space. Image credit - ESA/ATG MEDIALAB

by Jonathan O’Callaghan We need to improve how we keep track of objects in space and predict where they will go in order to avoid collisions in Earth’s increasingly crowded orbit, according to Dimitra Stefoudi, a space law researcher from Leiden University in the Netherlands. In September 2019, the European science satellite Aeolus avoided a collision with … Read more

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