Mental stress can be a real heart breaker

EU-funded researchers are uncovering links between mental stress and physical troubles, including cardiovascular disease. By  Gareth Willmer In June 2016, the German national football team was gearing up to face Slovakia in the European championship. With pulses set to race among thousands of fans in the crunch match in host country France, a group of … Read more

The bottom-up Brussels green revolution

A Belgian region’s environmental and social conditions for research funding offer a possible model for the EU. By Anthony King In the EU and Belgian capital Brussels, Barbara Trachte reflects the strengths of a third governmental layer in Europe: its numerous regions. Trachte is secretary of state of the Brussels-Capital Region responsible for the economic … Read more

From cycling to sex, skin patches promise to make their mark

EU-funded researchers are taking technologies known as “smart wearables” to the next level. By Jessica Berthereau What do cycling, showering and making love have in common? All three activities prove the usefulness of a new generation of skin patches that can monitor people’s vital signs like blood pressure and heart rate, according to Professor Klas … Read more

The hydropower renaissance in Europe

The EU drive towards green energy is seeking to harness a traditionally clean power source – with some tweaks. By  Tom Cassauwers Dr Jeremy Bricker, a hydraulics and coastal engineer, is dreaming big. Somewhere on the North Sea coast, he imagines construction of a dam to manage the supply of clean energy to Europe’s “lowlands”. … Read more