Facing external threats, bees may get help from internal organisms

Making the digestive tract of the insects healthier could extend their lives and ensure they remain effective pollinators. By  GARETH WILLMER Awareness is growing worldwide of the crucial role that bees and other pollinators play in preserving natural habitats and securing food supplies. In the run-up to World Bee Day on 20 May, Horizon Magazine takes a closer … Read more

Once unthinkable, the prospect of society driven by wellbeing gains traction

As Europe embraces clean energy to fight climate change, a leading ecological economist argues for going beyond “green growth”. By HORIZON STAFF Almost 16 years ago, the EU held a conference devoted to an idea that was novel – even for many policy wonks – and far-reaching. The notion was to redefine society’s goals by … Read more

Social media stirs worry over people’s wellbeing

While inspiring creativity and fostering online communities, apps like TikTok raise concerns about potential harm to users’ health. By  ANDREW DUNNE Since Jinnet Paola Pedraza (Pao_la_Periodista) first downloaded TikTok in 2019, she has become one of the social media site’s biggest advocates and more popular users. Her short video reels about 2021 mass protests in Colombia … Read more

Improving hearing in an increasingly noisy world

As knowledge increases about how auditory troubles develop, new technological advances are set to cut through the clamour. By  ANTHONY KING Meeting a few friends in a noisy café can mean straining to hear all the conversation. It can be more of a struggle, with age, to make out what a companion is saying in a … Read more