In booming satellite market, micro-rockets are the next big thing

More and more miniature satellites are being launched every year, driving up demand for smaller rockets. By  GARETH WILLMER Contemporary life would hardly be possible without satellites. Much of what people do on Earth today relies heavily on what’s happening high above their heads – from monitoring wildfires, deforestation and sea-surface temperatures to enabling connections to … Read more

Making drones suitable for cities

Unmanned aerial vehicles will make their way into urban skies only if the safety of people below can be ensured. By  TOM CASSAUWERS The Spanish resort town of Benidorm is known for its sandy beaches with clear waters, a skyline dominated by towering hotels and tourists from northern Europe. But one day in February, it also … Read more

Counting male chickens before they hatch means good news for ethical farming

By identifying the gender of chicks in their eggs, EU-funded technologies could help prevent the killing of millions of the birds every year. By PIETER DEVUYST Wil Stutterheim is on a mission: to stop the global poultry industry’s slaughter of billions of day-old chicks every year. Male chicks are deemed largely useless for poultry farmers because … Read more

Cardiovascular disease: researchers pinpoint missing piece of treatment puzzle

With new findings that the immune system plays a key role in conditions affecting the heart or blood vessels, options emerge for new cures. By  VITTORIA D’ALESSIO Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of mortality worldwide, responsible for 32% of all deaths. While the illness is triggered to a large extent by an unhealthy lifestyle, a flaw … Read more