The mysterious black behemoths controlling our galaxies

Scientists try to unravel the birth, growth and power of black holes, some of the most forceful yet difficult-to-detect objects in our Universe. By  ANTHONY KING It was only last year that astronomers were finally able to unveil the first pictures of the supermassive black hole at the centre of our Milky Way galaxy. But you … Read more

As Europe goes green, number crunchers map the ripple effects

The EU will soon be able to see more clearly the wider outcomes of its clean-energy drive. By  HORIZON STAFF It is called “Model Explorer” and its scheduled release in mid-2023 is being keenly anticipated. A new video game for screen-addicted teenagers worldwide? Not quite. Behind the scenes “Model Explorer” will mark the next advance in … Read more

European cybersecurity is getting its own legs to stand on

In February last year, as oil prices spiked following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, computers stopped working at the Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp oil trading hub. This group of terminals concentrated at some of Europe’s biggest ports had fallen victim to a cyberattack. Barges couldn’t be unloaded and supply was disrupted. Cyberattacks on critical infrastructure like energy companies, hospitals and … Read more

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Mushrooms emerge from the shadows in pesticide-free production push

By  ALI JONES From stir-frys to stroganoffs, the tasty fungus central to health-conscious cuisine may be cultivated in greener ways. Mention La Rioja in northern Spain and most people will picture majestic sun-drenched vineyards nestled in the hillsides. But, hidden from the sunlight, the region is also home to a very different crop that happens to … Read more