Realising a century-old dream to make electricity from air

European research is expanding clean-energy options, bolstering the EU’s goal to become climate-neural by 2050. By  MICHAEL ALLEN As the European Union strives for climate neutrality by mid-century, a mother-and-son-team is helping to tackle a potential hurdle: the limited number of renewable-energy sources driving the EU’s shift away from fossil fuels. Andriy Lyubchyk is a partner … Read more

Heavy-duty trucks drive clean hydrogen to the next level

Greenhouse gas emissions have been declining steadily in the EU in recent years, dropping by over a quarter between 1990 and 2019. However, transport is one sector that has bucked the trend, despite advances in technology. By  GARETH WILLMER Long before city dwellers complained about air pollution and carbon emissions, they moaned about mounds of manure … Read more

EU awards €5 million prize to research team for harnessing the sun to make fuel from water

Enough sunlight hits the earth to meet its entire energy needs, offering the promise of cheap fuel to power vehicles, machines and heavy industries. By  ALEX WHITING A research team led by the University of Tokyo won a €5 million European Union prize this month for coming up with a novel way to make abundant and … Read more

Breast cancer: an aggressive variant triggers a hunt for cures

Triple negative breast cancer is a hard-to-treat form that accounts for 15% of all cases, with recovery hopes emerging from chemotherapy drugs that stimulate the immune system and others that cause tumour cells to implode. By  VITTORIA D’ALESSIO Breast cancer is the most common type in women and, in Europe alone, causes almost 92 000 deaths a … Read more

Futuristic fields: Europe’s farm industry on cusp of robot revolution

From oxen to horses to tractors to robots: the European farm industry is poised to undergo another innovative disruption – this time brought about by artificial intelligence. By  SOFIA STRODT In the Dutch province of Zeeland, a robot moves swiftly through a field of crops including sunflowers, shallots and onions. The machine weeds autonomously – and … Read more

Self-driving cars emerge from the sci-fi realm

Automated-driving technologies are advancing steadily with the promise of reducing road accidents. By  TOM CASSAUWERS It’s an ordinary day in the northern German city of Hamburg, where countless cars move along the streets and pedestrians cross at the intersections. Amid all the hustle and bustle, one vehicle advances without the driver’s hands on the steering wheel … Read more