Protecting forests on the front line of the climate-change battle

Forests combat global warming by absorbing carbon dioxide but they are depleted by drought. Trees that adapt to climate change conditions could hold some answers. By  SANDRINE CEURSTEMONT Forests help counter global warming, but they are also threatened by it. Many tree species struggled this past summer as much of Europe was hit by heat waves … Read more

Helping the body and brain to welcome bionic limbs and implants

Artificial limbs, implants and extra thumbs restore and add to our body’s natural capabilities, but how do the brain and nervous system welcome these new body parts? By GARETH WILLMER Not that long ago, the concept of the bionic human seemed far-fetched, but wearable robotic suits, brain-controlled extra limbs and mind-operated wheelchairs are now under active … Read more

A push to ensure fresh foods end up getting tasted instead of wasted

Every day food is thrown away and squandered by the lorry-load. EU researchers are developing ways to cut waste – of both food and its packaging. By  ANDREW DUNNE Dr Anastasia Ktenioudaki has been tracking strawberries in Ireland with high-tech sensors. She was part of a recent European research project to reduce the enormous amount of … Read more

First EU TalentOn brings science to life in competition to solve global challenges

A competition to create solutions to major challenges recently brought out the entrepreneurs and scientists at EU TalentOn. By  HORIZON STAFF Criss-crossed by a network of canals, the city of Leiden (pop. 120 000) is just 16km north of Dutch capital The Hague. It has been welcoming scholars since the first university in the Netherlands was … Read more

French tech start-up wins EU’s new Industry of the Future Award with raw-materials prowess

Recycling silicon from solar panels advances Europe’s green goals as well as creating jobs and harnessing scarce resources. By  HORIZON STAFF For Yohan Parsa, research director at tech start-up ROSI SAS in France, a relatively small Horizon project has made a big difference for the company and for the European Union’s economic ambitions. ROSI, which recycles … Read more