Europe’s major tourist sites battle climate change to survive

Climate change is destroying heritage sites across Europe and globally. Ancient historical landmarks could disappear completely unless swift action is taken to protect them from environmental damage, researchers are warning. Future generations may never get to explore streets conquered by medieval knights in Greece, city quarters built by the Islamic empire in Spain, 10th century … Read more

‘Super-spuds’ to the rescue as typical tubers feel the heat

From origins in the cool altitudes of the Andes, the potato is not well suited to the extreme temperatures or flooding brought on by climate change. Plant scientists are breeding ‘super-spuds’ able to endure harsher environmental conditions.   The humble potato was first domesticated near Lake Titicaca in present-day Peru at least 8 000 years … Read more

Space – the greener frontier – is good for business

The European Union Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA) was established in 2021 to become the operational arm of the European Union’s space ambitions. That means they manage the commercialisation of applications coming from satellites such as mapping, navigation and science missions. We spoke with Rodrigo da Costa, the executive director about the business of … Read more

Easier, early cervical cancer testing to save lives

Prevention and the HPV vaccine is helping to reduce the numbers of women dying with cervical cancer but new portable screening kits and new types of lab tests will improve diagnosis and earlier treatment of the disease. New advances in screening for cervical cancer – the fourth most common cancer among women – have the … Read more