Addressing gender inequalities in research through institutional change

Women scientists face many hurdles when it comes to their career progression. © Gorodenkoff, Shutterstock Gender equality and inclusion are key metrics by which performance is measured in industry today. Research is no exception. While there is no quick fix to eliminating gender disparities, the EU has identified the structural changes needed in policies and … Read more

Going beyond GDP to measure what really matters

Rising GDP is often prized by politicians, but there’s more to fair and prosperous sustainability than economic growth. © Singkham, Shutterstock The publication of the latest EU Transitions Performance Index (TPI) provides an important opportunity to assess how countries are progressing towards fair and prosperous sustainability beyond headline growth figures.   For over 70 years, … Read more

Global Europe in research and innovation

The French Presidency is set to draw up the ‘Marseille declaration’ on international cooperation in research and innovation. © ImageFlow, Shutterstock The biggest challenges confronting humanity necessitate countries work together. At the Marseille Conference on 8 March, Europe explored the path forward for international collaboration in research and innovation.  Now more than ever we bear … Read more

Better cancer screening proves a game-changer

A new report recommends screening be introduced for lung and prostate cancers, and that existing programmes for breast, cervical and colorectal cancer be improved.  Such changes across Europe will detect more cancers, earlier. © Stokkete, Shutterstock Don’t underestimate the lifesaving ability of cancer screening. For lung cancer and prostate cancer, screening is recommended across the … Read more