In greening air travel, small parts can make a big difference

Aircraft flaps and emergency power units are part of efforts to reduce the aviation industry’s contribution to global warming. By  TOM CASSAUWERS Each time a plane takes off or lands, flaps on the wings extend or retract to maintain stability and serve as a visual reminder that an aircraft is composed of thousands of complicated parts. … Read more

The people power being harnessed for cleaner and cheaper energy

As Europe weans itself off fossil fuels, local energy networks are tapping renewable sources to fill the gap and cut consumer bills. By  ANDREW DUNNE They might look like ordinary plugs, but hook up a heat pump or electric-vehicle charger using one of the smart widgets and the result could be big environmental gains and household … Read more

Ships harness wind for voyage to a cleaner future

New sails and boat designs are set to help shipowners slash fuel costs and emissions. By Gareth Willmer There is no mistaking Cristina Aleixendri’s enthusiasm – and competence – when it comes to talking about how wind-assisted shipping is on the verge of making a planet-changing comeback. Aleixendri founded a company called bound4blue with two fellow Spaniards … Read more