Coronavirus recovery: Europe needs investment on a ‘wartime footing’

Having the euro means that many EU countries are no longer in control over their own currencies and the European Central Bank will play a critical role in Europe’s post-coronavirus recovery, says Prof. Stephanie Kelton. Image credit - European Commission

European governments need to provide investment on a ‘wartime footing’ to stimulate a post-coronavirus economic recovery, but also need to redefine economic success to incorporate climate and social goals, the European Research and Innovation Days conference has heard. Speaking about how Europe can best achieve a sustainable and inclusive recovery, Stephanie Kelton, a professor of … Read more

Leuven named the 2020 European capital of innovation

Leuven, Belgium won the 2020 €1 million iCapital cash prize. Image credit - Wouter Hagens/ Wikimedia, licenced under CC BY-SA 3.0

by Freya Kirk Leuven, Belgium, has been named the 2020 European Capital of Innovation for its use of innovation to improve residents’ lives. The €1 million cash prize, which every year recognises cities’ innovative solutions to social challenges that engage and empower its citizens, was awarded to Leuven in a ceremony with EU Commissioner Mariya Gabriel during the EU … Read more

Proposals for Europe’s bold 10-year R&I missions officially handed to Commissioner Gabriel

Following the mission reports handover to Commissioner Gabriel, a final decision on how they can be implemented is expected by the end of 2020. Image credit - European Commission

by Fintan Burke Five ‘mission reports’ outlining ambitious 10-year plans to tackle some of the major challenges faced by Europe were officially handed over to EU Commissioner Mariya Gabriel on 22 September at the opening session of this year’s European Research and Innovation Days. The five so-called missions, which have been a year in the drafting … Read more

Can the world emerge from the pandemic a better place?

The pandemic has caused disruption around the world, but it could also be an opportunity to make some much needed social and environmental changes as countries try to adapt and recover from the crisis. In the space of just a few months the world has seen drastic change. People who commuted to work and had … Read more

Quiet and green: Why hydrogen planes could be the future of aviation

Hydrogen-powered planes are still in their infancy but the first commercial versions could enter the European market by 2035 according to a new report. Image credit - DLR/CC BY-3.0

by Jonathan O’Callaghan Today, aviation is responsible for 3.6% of EU greenhouse gas emissions. Modern planes use kerosene as fuel, releasing harmful carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. But what if there was another way? One possible solution is to use a new type of fuel in planes that doesn’t produce harmful emissions – hydrogen. Long-touted as a sustainable … Read more