Screening newborns to help fight rare diseases

Early genetic checks being developed by researchers with EU and industry funding will accelerate treatments for illnesses that affect millions of people in Europe. By  Jessica Berthereau Dr Alessandra Ferlini wants medical help for millions of people in Europe to begin before they even realise it. Ferlini, associate professor in medical genetics at the University … Read more

Free movement of research and innovation will be central to renewing Europe’s Single Market

Strategic report on the future of the European Single Market points to key role for European research and innovation. By  Horizon Staff The European Single Market is considered one of the EU’s biggest accomplishments – and for good reason. It enables EU citizens to travel, live, work, study, retire, trade and do business wherever they … Read more

Electronics made of wood and paper

Greener sensors, circuit boards and other electronic devices are being developed by EU researchers to reduce unsustainably high levels of e-waste. By  Michael Allen To develop eco-friendly electronics such as sensors and circuit boards, Dr Valerio Beni is following the paper trail – literally. An expert in green chemistry at Swedish research institute RISE, Beni … Read more

Mental stress can be a real heart breaker

EU-funded researchers are uncovering links between mental stress and physical troubles, including cardiovascular disease. By  Gareth Willmer In June 2016, the German national football team was gearing up to face Slovakia in the European championship. With pulses set to race among thousands of fans in the crunch match in host country France, a group of … Read more